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Lawn Care Customers Can Pay You Online

Lawn Care Customers Can Pay You Online

By accepting online payments your customers can pay you invoices, depsits on work to be done and more.

With credit card payment enabled, you should expect faster payments from your customers. Enabling online payments, also allows you to collect a tip from your customers. Based on our data, almost one out of every four lawn care customers adds a tip when paying online!

Lawnpro software gives you the ability to accept credit card payments using (a payment processor). With this feature, you can email invoices to your customers with a link. They will be able to pay you directly online, using their credit card. Once the transaction goes through, lawnpro software will automatically create a payment against the corresponding invoice in the system, and mark it as paid.

Setup -
You can start the setup process by going to: Settings-> Set up online payments.

Click on the “Connect to Stripe” button.

Follow the instructions to set up your stripe account. Once that’s configured, you’ll be all set for credit card processing.

Note: Stripe requires a link to your website during the setup process. If you don’t have a website yet, you can provide a link to your Facebook / Twitter / Google+ page instead.

Payment Processing Fees -
Stripe charges 2.9% for credit card processing and .30 cents per transaction.
You can find out more about their fees here: For premium paid accounts (Business Plan and Enterprise Plan), this is the only fee. Lawnpro software charges a 1% processing fee for online payments for non-premium accounts. This is in addition to the Stripe fees.

Charging Processing Fees to My Customers -
Because we are aware that some users are sensitive to paying processing fees, we have added a feature that enables you to pass the fees on to your customers making online payments. This fee can be the amount Stripe charges you or you can make it a flat fee
How does it work? The next time you send out an invoice via email, the message will include a payment link which brings your customers to your client portal for that particular invoice to view it and make an online payment. Once the credit card is successfully charged by Stripe, lawnpro software will create a payment against that invoice, and mark it as “Paid”. Finally, you will receive an email from lawnpro software notifying you that a payment has been received.

Saving a Customer's Credit Card on File -
Save customer's credit card info to their profile is super easy. This allows you to charge their card each month or as soon as work is completed. To do this go to any customer's profile page by clicking on the customer button on the left side menu. Click the pencil icon to the right of that customer's name. Click "Add a Credit Card" and ener the card information.

Customer Saving a Credit Card and Allowing You To Charge It. -
In the client portal, your customers can save a card for future use but also choose to allow you to charge this card as well.
In the client portal, click on "My Profile" then click to add a credit card. If your customer chooses to, they can check the checkbox that says "Allow your lawn care business to charge this card for services rendered"

Charge a convenience fee -
Lawnpro software also gives you the ability to charge a convenience fee when a customer pays online. By default, this feature is turned off.
To enable this go to Settings-> Set up online payments, then click the "Add Fee to Invoices Paid by Stripe" button and choose to pass along the fees to your customers or charge a flat convenience fee.

How do I disable credit card processing? If you decide you do not want to use this feature, you can remove Stripe from your lawnpro software account simple go to Settings-> Set up online payments, then click on the red "Disconnect Stripe" button.